RealFeedback is an AI-powered chatbot designed to help companies collect genuine feedback from their customers. By using ChatGPT, the tool creates engaging conversations that encourage customers to share their experiences more openly, allowing businesses to get honest and valuable insights that can lead to better decision-making. The AI processing technology used by RealFeedback is designed to make sense of user conversations automatically, ensuring that the data delivered is clean, organized, and actionable. With quick and easy integration, users can be up and running with the Chatbot in no time at all. The tool comes with different pricing tiers to cater for various business needs, starting from $9/month up to $199/month. Users can choose from a range of pricing plans, based on the size and needs of their company. Some key features of RealFeedback include: - Conversational approach that encourages users to share experiences more openly - Advanced AI technology that processes and extracts common points from users' conversations, providing clean and organized feedback summaries - Flexible pricing models designed to cater for small businesses up to large-scale organizations - Simple integration process that doesn't require any coding expertise Overall, RealFeedback is a user-friendly AI-powered tool that can help businesses get genuine feedback from their customers, giving them the insights they need to make better decisions and improve their products.