Resolve AI: Supercharge your business with ChatGPT powered AI Assistants

ResolveAI is an AI chatbot tool designed to provide automated customer support 24/7 and reduce turnaround time. This tool is user-friendly, and it takes less than 3 minutes to create a chatbot. With the help of ResolveAI, you can gain real-time customer insights and provide personalized responses to inquiries. The AI chatbots are designed to understand customer issues and provide tailored and accurate responses. This AI tool allows Live Chat, enabling visitors to request human support at any time. The tool also has Multi-language support (beta) and can write documentation in any language and respond to visitors in the language they requested. By Integrating this tool with your website, you can monitor conversations and refine your documentation for any knowledge gaps. It provides a comprehensive control panel for managing content databases like blog posts, marketing material, site pages, and Help center. They offer various pricing plans that fit the user's budget, starting from starter plan at $44 per month, allowing one chatbot and unlimited documentation. ResolveAI provides a user-friendly and affordable solution to automate customer service and increase satisfaction.