Roboweb is an AI assistant designed to elevate exploratory programming by incorporating OpenAI's ChatGPT within JupyterLab for a smoother and consolidated programming experience. With multiple installation options, including Docker, pip, and Kubernetes, the tool caters to all user preferences. User accounts can be created or signed in to store and retrieve chat history for later use, and OpenAPI keys are securely stored in the browser's local storage without being transmitted to Roboweb's servers. With automatic error detection and assistance, Roboweb seamlessly detects and offers solutions for errors in code cells, making troubleshooting a breeze. Engage in exploratory programming with the help of an AI assistant integrated within JupyterLab, or quickly rectify errors in code cells with Roboweb's assistance. Revolutionizing exploratory programming, Roboweb is the ideal tool for programming enthusiasts seeking a smoother and more efficient programming experience.