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$19 for a 2D floorplan
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OpalAi ScanTo3D is an AI-powered 3D scanning tool that enables users to create accurate floor plans, BIM models, and 3D visualizations of buildings by scanning their surroundings using any device with a LiDAR camera. With ScanTo3D, users can take a simple walkthrough of a property, capture a room or an entire structure, and upload it to the app for processing. The AI algorithm behind ScanTo3D guarantees accuracy, with an error rate of less than an inch per 30 feet. Moreover, the tool is accessible and doesn't require a tripod or a trained operator, reducing the time and cost of on-site planning and scanning. Users can also add textures and colors to their digital models, take measurements on their device, and share models in multiple formats, such as OBJ, STL, and FBX. OpalAi ScanTo3D offers multiple pricing plans, starting from $19 for 2D floor plans and going up to custom plans for larger scans and output formats.