Seamless.AI is an AI-powered sales and lead generation tool designed to help businesses find, connect and close deals with their ideal customers. With its intuitive platform, users can access a range of features that leverage artificial intelligence and automation to help them identify the right leads, get more insights on key accounts, and automate their sales and marketing efforts.

Features of Seamless.AI include:

🔍 Pitch Intelligence: Seamless.AI's pitch intelligence tool helps users deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time – improving their chances of success.

📈 Premium Data Enrichment: The tool's data enrichment feature keeps user's data up-to-date, no matter where it lives, helping them to make better decisions based on more accurate information.

🤖 Autopilot: With Seamless.AI's Autopilot tool, users can automate their list-building efforts to build pipeline faster than ever before.

🏢 Job Changes: Users can stay on top of key accounts and maintain an active pipeline with Seamless.AI's Job Changes feature.

👥 Buyer Intent Data: The Buyer Intent Data feature helps users identify, prioritize, and engage with ready-to-buy accounts.

Seamless.AI also offers a Chrome Extension that allows users to build lists anywhere on the web, and integrations that enable them to export directly to their existing tech stack in a single-click.

Overall, Seamless.AI is a powerful AI tool that empowers businesses with data-driven insights, automation, and intelligence to help them drive sales, close more deals, and grow their revenue.