We are providing a boiler plate of possibly all AI use cases with codebase to develop your own AI application or enable your existing tech with AI.

Instead of hiring full stack developers and AI dev wrappers, you can directly access the ready made AI repo built on latest libraries, models and practices.

It Empowers you to transform your applications into AI-driven apps or build new ones seamlessly. Our comprehensive backend also enables you to create AI products like ChatBase, ChatPDF, Jenni AI, Audio Pen, Chat Doc, ChatDox, ChatWebby or bring your own idea into it.

We want you to ship AI and ship it fast.

Bring AI in your existing app/websites with following use cases: πŸ€–

βœ… Conversational Chatbot for your document files (.pdf, .csv, .docs, .epub, .txt) βœ… Conversational Chatbot for Audio files. βœ… Conversational Chatbot for Video files. βœ… Conversational Chatbot on YouTube Videos. βœ… Conversational Chatbot for your Websites data. βœ… Image Use cases are coming soon

Save 60+ hours:⏳

Stop procrastination, Ship AI SaaS right now & save 60+ hours: 1. Langchain js trainings and deployment (36hrs). 2. 20+ Prompts (4 hrs). 3. APIs development in Express node js for each usecase (6 hrs). 4. Pinecone research & deployment (6 hrs). 5. Use Cases development (Youtube, Audios, Videos, Websites) (12 hrs). 6. AWS (2 hrs+) Optional 7. latest builds and updates

You will be saving approx $10K.

Tech Stack: 1. Langchain Js 2. Pinecone Vector Storage (Supabase, type sense β†’ Coming Soon) 3. Node Express Js 4. Open AI (3.5 turbo, gpt-4) 5. Open Source support (Llama2, Falcon, etc) β†’ Coming Soon Note: No Third party or licenses libraries or APIs are used in these APIs. We use libraries which are open source and easy to maintain. Why ShipGPT? πŸ€” Don’t hire full stackers with $30-$60 / hr to write AI logics for you, we got it covered for you.

Pay once and get updates for life time. (Get it now) We want you to ship AI & ship it fast.

Amazing Team of AI devs: πŸ‘₯ We are the makers of chatdox, chatwebby and created 100’s of use cases in AI. Building and shipping AI products in every 2 weeks.

Live Support: 🎧 You will be given live support to help in building your use cases.

Coming up next: πŸ”œ Front End with User Auth. Front End with Stripe checkout sessions. Backend with User Management. 1. Supabase Support for vector storage. 2. Type Sense Support for vector Storage. 3. Llama2 Support for LLM. 4. Falcon 40B LLM