Generate unlimited personalized X Twitter posts and replies optimized for engagement with AI - at lightning speed.

How it will help you get more followers:

⚡ AI Post Creator: Crafting the perfect post is now a matter of seconds! Choose a topic, customize it if you wish, and boom - your AI-optimized post is ready. No inspiration? Use the "One-Click Post" and let the AI pick a topic personalized for you.

🚀 Instant AI Replies: Engage with posts effectively. Select the mood for your reply, and the AI crafts it for you. And yes, this magic is available directly when you're replying to a tweet directly on X.

✂️ Post Editor: Have a draft tweet? Polish it to perfection in seconds with the AI post editor.

📚 High Performing Templates - Ready to Use: Need more inspiration? Dive into the curated collection of high-performing post templates. Generate auto-personalized variants or fill in the blanks manually, then copy, adjust and post!

📚 Bring Your Own Templates: Already know what works for your audience? Save your own templates and re-use infinitely!

🗓️ Weekly Planner (coming soon) : Make your perfect planning for your typical week of posts, save it and re-use it every week with new content personalized for you automatically. Generate up to 7 days of posts in few minutes.

🔗 Chrome Extension: Experience Snowball at its best. Get the Chrome extension and enjoy all the features seamlessly integrated into the X/Twitter interface!