Spell is an AI tool that aims to transform your daily work by delegating your tasks to independent AI workers. It features an array of revolutionary and intuitive AI tools powered by GPT4 to help you work smarter and learn to leverage the power of generative AI. With Spell, you can perform a wide range of tasks such as finding and summarising trending AI research, performing an SEO audit of your website, creating a CSV with contact information of remote-first companies, creating an SEO-optimised page, and writing tweets about generative AI. Moreover, Spell features a powerful library of curated prompts in various categories such as marketing, software engineering, and content creation that can help you get inspired for your next project. You can also bring your own prompts and create custom actions and s. Spell offers prompt variables that you can use to put your ideas, data, or topics into a prompt and press play for your content to be transformed with the power of AI. Spell also features autonomous agents that you can spawn to work on resolving your problem. You can enable them with web access, plugins, and more to accomplish your goals. With Spell, you can run as many GPT tasks as you want, all in parallel. You no longer have to wait for one task to be completed before starting the next. Additionally, you can talk to ChatGPT using the chat feature and share your good prompts using a link. You can save not only the prompt but also additional metadata and examples. Spell offers a free trial period of 7 days during which you get 200 free credits to use. You can upgrade or cancel at any time. It also offers a personal plan with 800 credits/month, 90+ plugins, parallel runs, GPT3.5 and GPT4, prompt variables, curated prompts, and priority support. The professional plan features all the features of the personal plan plus additional features such as teams, advanced metrics and reporting, and dedicated account management.