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The pricing of each AI app available on SpellPrints varies. Some apps are priced as low as 0.99€, while others cost up to 19.99€
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SpellPrints is a marketplace for discovering, using, and creating AI apps for everyday life and work. 🤖 It is an AI tool that allows creators to build and monetize generative AI-powered applications without requiring technical skills. With SpellPrints, users can browse the latest AI apps, such as the AI-Powered Brand Name Generator, AI-Driven Sales Funnel Copywriting, and AI-Powered Personalized Travel Itinerary Composer. 🔍📝🌍 Users can also create their own AI apps using SpellPrints, which makes it easy for creators to build and monetize their AI-powered applications. The marketplace offers various creator tools and templates, and the user can create AI apps by uploading their data to SpellPrints or using existing data sets. Overall, SpellPrints simplifies the use of AI for individuals and businesses and makes AI accessible to anyone.