Stadai is an AI-powered tool that enables students to engage in interactive conversations with their study materials, such as books, class notes, and exam syllabus. It provides personalized assistance in the form of explanations, examples, and answers that are tailored to students' questions and study materials. Stadai offers several key features to help students reinforce learning and optimize their study strategy, including auto-generated flashcards, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive progress tracking. Students can create personalized flashcards or receive flashcards on any topic from their study materials to enhance their learning. Stadai also generates interactive quizzes that provide answers, allowing students to test their knowledge and monitor their performance. The tool saves students' progress and provides detailed stats to help them identify areas for improvement, making it an invaluable AI tool for personalized learning. With Stadai, students can chat and interact with their study materials to seek explanations, examples, and answers. They can optimize their study strategy by monitoring their progress, identifying areas for improvement, and creating tailored study plans. Overall, Stadai is an essential tool for students seeking a personalized learning experience, effective progress tracking, and engaging study materials.