Let our AI design your dream vacation

Our AI is learning to become the world's smartest travel agent.

Getting your dream vacation perfectly right can get tiresome, time-consuming, & stressful. From finding a destination to planning day-to-day activities, there's a lot to think about and an abundance of travel sites to choose from.

✅ Solution:

Stravl (https://stravl.com/) is your personal AI Travel Planner that finds your dream destination through a gamified form, creates a personalized itinerary, & lets you adjust it with a Travel chatbot - all in less than a minute.

🥳Also, fun fact: all content on the site including destination deions and more is AI-generated. Hope you enjoy it! 😄

Try it out (100% free): https://stravl.com/


🏖️ Find your dream destination after filling out a short form

✈️ Get a custom AI-generated itinerary for your destination covering everything from start to finish

⭐ Chat with your AI expert travel agent & customize your plan

🎡 Explore destinations on your own & browse through our AI-based destination deions

🫂 Create a group & find the perfect place for all of you to go together

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