Sttabot is a no-code AI app-building platform that allows users to turn their prompts into AI apps without requiring any programming knowledge. Sttabot enables its users to leverage the power of AI to create their own apps which can be launched on the web within seconds. Sttabot provides a user-friendly interface where users can describe the superpowers of their AI app within the first step. The second step is to customize the feel of the app, such as colors, themes, fonts, and domains. In the third step, users can launch their ChatGPt-like app by publishing their app in public and sharing it with users via a single link.

Sttabot offers a developer license to users who are good prompt engineers, which enables them to release their apps in the Sttabot suite, gain recognition, and even get paid. What's more, the AI app built with Sttabot can be integrated into various platforms, and embeddings can be used to connect Sttabot apps with landing pages, turning them into high-growth startups.

Sttabot has a set of cool apps that have been made by fellow builders, such as the customer segmentation app, which creates customer groups based on customer attributes and events such as gender, location, last login, and app activity. Besides, Sttabot also offers a feature to help users integrate AI into their business, such as the Engage feature, which supports email, SMS, and push notifications to enable users to deliver the right message in the right way.

Sttabot offers simple pricing plans for any team size, ranging from a free personal plan to a team plan for $10 per month. The platform allows unlimited pages and templates and API integration for the free plan. While paid plans offer features such as sync between pages, unlimited guests, version history, sharing permission, admin tools, SAML SSO, and collaborative workspace. Sttabot is a great tool for anyone who wants to unleash their superpowers and build something big with AI.