Stylized is an AI-powered virtual product staging tool created by HarvestLabsInc. It is a high-tech virtual photo studio that uses advanced computer vision software and AI to create professional-looking product photos. With Stylized, businesses can take product photos in any lighting and with any backdrop.

Stylized allows businesses to style their product photos in various scenes using pre-set themes, such as "elegant orange tones," "snowy mountains," and "falling into water." The tool enables users to reposition the items and adjusts camera angles according to their preferences. The tool is also equipped with AI technology that can remove backgrounds, relight, and render products in a fully virtual 3D scene, allowing businesses to experiment with different settings to showcase their products in the best way possible.

Using Stylized, businesses can convert more buyers on every platform, increase buyer conversion with amazing photos, and take professional product photos without needing a physical studio. With its combination of advanced computer vision software and AI, Stylized is a convenient and efficient product staging tool that helps businesses showcase their products in the best light possible.