Supportal is an exceptional AI-powered customer support tool offered by Supportal that helps businesses provide automated customer service on their websites. This tool comes with various noteworthy features and advantages that include:
  • Chatbot support: Suportal chatbot assists users in finding answers to their queries without the need for human intervention, thus saving hours of customer support time.
  • No training required: Suportal requires no training as it can quickly learn about a business's products and services by fetching and scanning every link from their website.
  • Customizable: Users can pick the support documentation links they want to train the bot with.
  • Enterprise solution: Suportal offers a custom solution for enterprise businesses.
Suportal tool helps businesses automate the customer support process to streamline operations. It provides high-quality AI-powered support to customers and improves overall user engagement and satisfaction. By integrating with ChatGPT, Suportal ensures the provision of high-quality AI-powered support to the business's customers.