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Revolutionize your language learning experience with TalkMe! Designed for Language Beginners, Travelers, Immigrants, Students, Language Enthusiasts, and Professionals, our app is here to boost your speaking and listening skills in a foreign language. Prepare for language exams, plan your study abroad adventure, or navigate the immigration process with confidence. Let TalkMe be your trusted companion on your language journey.

Dive into realistic conversations with AI partners that mimic real interactions, each with a unique voice and personality. This enriches your learning and helps you understand different accents and speech patterns effectively.

【What TalkMe can do for you】 1. Engage in on-the-go conversations with AI partners that replicate real-world scenarios, facilitating speaking and listening practice anytime, anywhere.

2. Be thoroughly prepared for diverse scenarios, be it conquering IELTS, acing TOEFL exams, excelling in foreign universities, or adapting to a new country post-migration.

3. Experience a spectrum of AI partners, each embodying unique traits to make your learning journey dynamic and captivating.

4. Cross linguistic barriers with ease as TalkMe supports multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish), ensuring global communication effectiveness.

5. Bid farewell to social anxiety, foster self-assurance, and eliminate the fear of stumbling during interactions. Our AI language companion stands as a reliable practice partner.

6. Dive into a plethora of diverse topic-based practice scenarios that will keep you engaged, akin to advancing through levels in a gaming adventure.

【Special Features】 1. Embrace the versatility of multiple roles and tones for AI partners.

2. Leverage the Text/Language dual input mode for comprehensive practice.

3. Receive support for grammar correction to refine your linguistic accuracy.

4. Access authentic expression suggestions to sound more natural.

5. Seamlessly translate across languages with the multilingual translation feature.

6. Get nudged in the right direction during conversations with the conversation hint function.