Taplio is an AI-driven LinkedIn tool that allows users to grow their personal brand on LinkedIn by creating better content and scheduling posts at the right time. With Taplio, users can get fresh content ideas automatically using AI-picked inspiration, the viral post library, latest industry news, and AI-generated posts. The AI analyzes the user's LinkedIn account and what they like to post about, and then comes up with LinkedIn posts that users can edit and publish. The viral post library has over 3 million posts that users can search through and filter by topic and niche. Moreover, users can easily publish their content at the right time using Taplio's blazing fast scheduling tool. Taplio's post composer is best-in-class and includes an easy, robust queue system to manage all scheduled content. Users can schedule for a specific time and date or press a single button to add their post to the queue, thereby filling up their LinkedIn content calendar effortlessly. With Taplio, users can also leverage a 1-click "Add to queue" feature as well as post automations that make it easy to get the most out of their content. Overall, Taplio is an all-in-one LinkedIn tool that leverages AI technology to save users time and energy while making their brand shine online.