Text to Music is an innovative platform that allows users to generate custom drum beats and audio tracks using various prompts and text deions. With its advanced AI technology, this tool generates unique and high-quality audio options for each prompt, providing users with a wide range of possibilities to choose from. One of the key features of Text to Music is its drum generator, which offers different prompts such as Gujarati Bhajan, Deathcore blast beat, and Hip Hop-themed Avengers song, letting users create their own drum tracks. Additionally, users can input text deions to generate mainstream audio output with a specific mood, giving them complete control of the creative process. What sets Text to Music apart from other similar tools in the market is that it simplifies the audio creation process, making it suitable for users with no or limited music production experience, without requiring technical skills or knowledge in music theory. This makes it an excellent platform for individuals seeking to explore their creativity in music production and combine their creative writing skills with music production to generate unique audio files. Whether you are an aspiring music producer or someone who loves to create music for personal or commercial use, Text to Music is an exceptional tool that caters to all your needs and helps you bring your creative vision to life.