Tonkean InvoicesGPT is an AI-powered automation tool that streamlines invoice and spend management processes across different vendor and department operations. With one-click connection to your email inbox or Google Drive, Tonkean InvoicesGPT analyzes all incoming PDF or invoice files to extract relevant data fields, perform a three-way-matching verification, provide insight into spend across departments and vendors, and update existing finance systems. Tonkean InvoicesGPT seamlessly integrates with various enterprise apps, and provides a user-friendly interface, with a guided buying experience, email inbox automation, and legal matter intake. Its AI and GPT technology enable it to understand unstructured text to provide intelligent request classification, employee self-service, and guided intake. It also offers features such as process optimization, enterprise governance and control, data source integrations, and no-code UI builder, all of which help finance operations automate manual, risky, and highly inefficient operations.