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Type is an AI-first document editor that helps you write high-quality content quickly. Rather than writing important content from scratch, you can use Type to instantly generate drafts, rewrite content, and suggest what to write next.

Type is an AI-first document editor that helps you write faster (and better).

It's similar to NotionAI, but with a laser focus on a great authoring experience.

Unlike a lot of other AI writing products, Type encourages the human to play a central role in the writing and editing process.

We don't think great writing is a "one-shot" activity you can fully delegate to AI, we think it's something that a human should be deeply involved in!

So we've built a familiar-looking document editor that puts the author front and center. It's infused with helpful AI commands that understand the context of your document.

If you're writing landing page copy, for example, you can just hit cmd+k, select the "Generate content" command, and tell Type to write a call to action. You don't need to say anything more than "a call to action" – Type will pull the relevant context that's already in your document, take an educated guess at what you want, and insert it directly into your doc. It's a big time saver that helps you stay in flow.

We'd love for you to try Type and let us know what you think. It's most useful for longer-form writing, so maybe try to write an announcement blog post for the project you're working on.