Bring ChatGPT into any app!

Get the write stuff! typedesk boosts your company's communication game

 🔥 What it does

In short, our user-friendly interface makes it super easy to create reusable prompts. Add variables and placeholders to customize your prompt easily. The result is then automatically inserted into any app or website, thanks to our desktop app. It's automatic and easy!

🚀 Why it's cool

👉 Forget opening your browser, typing, copying, pasting. typedesk makes the whole process intuitive and super-fast with our Quick Access window, available anywhere on your computer.

👉 Sharing your prompt templates with your team is quick and easy. Craft your prompts, and deploy them across your whole team, whatever the size and operating system!

👉 Creating advanced prompts is super-easy thanks to our template editor that allows anyone to create dynamic templates with placeholders and select fields.

👉 It works everywhere, with no integration needed!