Automatically create flashcards from any article to improve retention.

Do you love to read interesting things on the internet? Wisdolia can help you integrate knowledge into your long term memory. It’s easy to fall into mindless passive consumption and not fully soak in the wonderful things we encounter across the web.

On any article use the extension and click ‘Generate Flashcards’ to receive 3-5 question and answer flashcards to help you actively remember what you learned in the article. We use AI (GPT-3) to generate these flashcards.

After the flashcards have been generated, you can save them to a flashcards deck in Anki, which is a flashcards tools that has a built-in space repetition system.

If you are reading to learn and understand something, there is no point in spending the energy to read, if you don’t remember it afterwards. Wisdolia is here to help you upgrade your memory and turn you into a super learner.

🌎 Wisdolia works for all languages!

Wisdolia is where the wise become infinitely wise 🤯🌳