Wiseone is an AI-powered browser extension that enriches your online reading experience by bringing relevant and reliable information to help you master any topic effortlessly. The tool simplifies complex or unknown words, concepts, people, organizations, and much more so that you can easily understand and learn. Wiseone helps you to form your opinion on your own terms by verifying facts with different sources talking about the same subject. It also summarizes content on any website within seconds to help you get key information to remember and explore other articles effortlessly. With Wiseone, you can ask any question about the article you are reading, and it generates a clear and concise answer. The tool works on over 80,000 websites and uses powerful AI algorithms that provide full insight and relevance to news articles. Its text processing AI is a collection of multiple algorithms, including deep neural networks designed to define terms (like a company, an event, or a person's name), summarize articles, and extract the main facts and topics of an article. Wiseone's algorithms are constantly being refined, improved, and take into account more and more news, events, and facts to stay up to date with an ever-evolving world. To use Wiseone, simply click the "Add on Chrome" button on their website, install the extension, and create an account. Wiseone is completely free to use and is an excellent tool for those who want to read efficiently without losing information or students wanting to gather quality information from diverse sources easily.