Yarnit is an AI-powered content marketing platform that helps businesses maximize their content marketing outcomes. It enables content production, distribution, measurement, and strategy at speed and scale. Yarnit provides time-tested creative recommendations that mirror a storyteller uniquely. The platform can be trained with your own data to write, design, and audit your personalized content. Yarnit consists of multiple AI tools, including the following features:

- STORYBOARD: Create the perfect beginning, middle, and end for your presentations and blogs with contextual story outlines.

- COPYWRITER: Generate engaging copy based on your choice of content objectives and formats for impact.

- DESIGN: Design your content with auto-curated visual and audio elements based on your content for an enthralling visual experience.

- PUBLISH: Download, showcase, and share your content with your audience.

Yarnit's AI tools also include features such as structured storylines, compelling content creation with joker cards and copy nuggets, curated recommendations of information and multimedia, readability assessment of the content, and more. Overall, Yarnit offers a comprehensive and personalized solution for businesses looking to create effective content marketing strategies.