EdTools.io saves teachers time in the classroom with dozens of apps and a single login. Make web apps work for you: While teaching on the front screen, managing the class, communicating with parents or students, or preparing lessons with AI.

EdTools.io is a platform that offers a collection of web apps designed to simplify teachers' daily lives. It offers support for various aspects of teaching, including classroom management, parent communication, and organization. With a wide range of innovative apps, teachers can save time and focus on the most important aspects of their work. The platform also offers separate dashboards for students and parents, enabling seamless communication and collaboration.

Key Features:

- Numerous innovative web apps for teachers.

- Apps for classroom management, instruction and communication

- Dashboards for students and parents (can also be disabled)

- Ability to schedule meetings and send letters digitally

- Data privacy and GDPR compliance

Few examples of many use cases:

- A teacher can use EdTools.io to assign homework, schedule events, publish internet links and communicate with students and parents.

- Parents can use the platform to stay informed about their child's school activities, report their child sick, receive letters and messages from the teacher, and book meetings.

- Students can access their own dashboard to view homework tasks, internet links, and important class information.