Lateral AI - Your Personal Research Assistant

Lateral AI is a web app developed by Lateralio that reads, finds, organizes and shares your research in one place to help you read the papers up to 10 times faster. It's a powerful tool with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the process of research, not withstanding the complexity of the task.

How it works?

Lateral builds an AI algorithm that integrates with your documents and helps find the relevant text from all of them at once. The program is designed to organize and share your findings in a table that is easy to use and customize. Furthermore, the AI algorithm suggests new connections based on what you previously read and discovered in the articles. Researchers, academics, and students can easily organize all their work, keep track of the findings, and easily export to their favorite tools, making their lives easier and more manageable.

Lateral AI simplifies the research process by reducing the time it takes to read the papers and organize them. It's a highly efficient tool that can help researchers organize, discover, and disseminate their work with ease.