Pathway Realtime Docs AI Pipelines (Realtime DocsAI) delivers an AI-powered document management solution securely hosted on your preferred cloud platform. This innovative tool integrates directly with SharePoint and Google Drive, allowing you to effortlessly extract various information into Google Sheets or Excel. For instance, you can easily pull details such as signatories and execution dates from legal contracts or generate summaries and alerts for deviations directly within specific columns of a spreadsheet.

Link to Demo GIF: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/--xJGrXxgkM

The system provides transparent document indexing, showing the number of indexed documents and their sources, which enhances trust. It features a similarity search, a real-time vector index, and a comprehensive control panel for easy use.

Technical Background: Utilizing Real-Time Vector Indexing and RAG, Realtime DocsAI equips you with REST endpoint-equipped dedicated document AI pipelines. This helps you create cutting-edge AI apps and seamlessly integrate with Google Sheets, all without the need for coding. Powered by Pathway, the fastest data processing engine, and supported on Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS infrastructures, it offers a secure and user-friendly solution for handling complex documents. Its self-updating pipelines autonomously extract essential data, allowing your team to focus on obtaining actionable insights. The system supports natural language search, along with alerting and highlighting features for significant document changes.

Improving Efficiency:

Imagine Emma in your legal or HR department, who faces the daily challenge of analyzing numerous contracts. By uploading these documents to your SharePoint 365 or Google Drive folders and specifying queries in Google Sheet columns—like "Who is yet to sign?" or even nuanced queries such as "What domain of contract is it, co-branding, licensing, etc.?"—Realtime DocsAI automates the data extraction. It populates the spreadsheet with precise answers and alerts Emma to any deviations, significantly boosting productivity.

Other Use Cases: – Automate the management of contract renewals, terms, and conditions, reducing the risk of missed renewals and enhancing contract oversight. – Summarize points from project reports and PRDs, monitor milestones, and send alerts on delays, helping project managers keep projects on track. – Analyze terms of sales agreements, aiding sales teams in quickly grasping and comparing deal structures for better negotiation strategies. – Streamline supplier document management by automatically compiling essential information into a centralized database, optimizing supply chain efficiency.

Designed to navigate the complexities of document management, Realtime DocsAI simplifies information retri, underpinned by enterprise-grade security and user-friendliness. Its flexibility in cloud hosting guarantees data privacy and eases implementation, while capabilities like natural language search and real-time alerts improve document handling efficiency.