The primary AI Tool of the website is called `Widget.js`. It is a customer feedback widget that is powered by AI technology. The widget is designed to be implemented on websites with ease and can extract valuable feedback from customers through automated processes. The AI-powered feedback pathways automatically draft follow-up questions based on the feedback customers provide, making the whole process extremely simple and easy.

By using the widget, customers can provide feedback that is detailed and insights that are relevant to a business. The widget is powered by artificial intelligence, which allows it to extract precise insights that businesses can utilize to make more informed decisions. Moreover, the widget's implementation is simple and fast: It takes only one line of code to add this powerful AI Tool to your website.

The customer feedback widget is built to provide value to businesses through a better understanding of their customers' needs and requirements. The widget also allows for unlimited use without any payment method required, thus making it free to use. The company's policy on using the feedback and data collected is covered under its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.